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What is ‘Couverture Chocolate’?

What is ‘Couverture Chocolate’?

An often asked question, is what is ‘Couverture Chocolate’?

Couverture chocolate is the term given to very high-quality chocolate which contains a high percentage of cocoa butter (roughly 32–39%). Couverture is used by professionals for dipping, coating, molding and garnishing. This differentiates it from baking, compound or supermarket chocolate which often have a lower proportion of cocoa butter, and contain higher levels of sugar.

The higher level of cocoa butter in couverture, combined with proper tempering, gives the chocolate a high gloss sheen, and that familiar "snap" when broken.

The word ‘Couverture’ originates from French and literally means ‘covering’, from couvrir ‘to cover’.

The term "couverture chocolate" should not be confused with compound chocolate. Products that contain compound chocolate have a lower percentage of solids and contain non-cocoa fats.

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